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Portrait image of Patrick Modiano

Modiano, Patrick
1945 -

Reluctant to talk about himself in the beginning of his career, Patrick Modiano claimed that he was born in 1947. It has...

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Författarporträtt av Bodkin, M. McDonnell

Bodkin, M. McDonnell
1850 - 1933

Matthias McDonnell Bodkin was an Irish barrister, journalist, Irish nationalist and Member of Parliament. He is best known...

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Portrait of Peter May

May, Peter
1951 -

Writer of crime novels and TV manuscripts who has received many prizes. He was born in Glasgow in Scotland, but has lived...

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Författarporträtt av Cixous, Hélène

Cixous, Hélène
1937 -

The French philosopher, scholar and author Hélène Cixous is a leading post-structuralist feminist scholar alongside Luce I...

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