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  • It is 89 years today since Guðbergur Bergsson was born.

    When asked where he is from, Guðbergur Bergsson tends to say he is from Grindavik, not that he is from Iceland. Grindavik is a small Icelandic fishing village with a population of a few thousand. Bergsson's father was a fisherman and carpenter and his mother struggled to make ends meet. The only thing that was discussed at Grindavik was work; nobody talked about books. Guðbergur started out in l...

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  • It is 94 years today since Günter Grass was born.

    Günter Wilhelm Grass was a German author born in Danzig (present-day Gdansk in Poland) to German-Polish parents. His father was a Protestant grocer and his mother a Roman Catholic of Kashubian (a Slavic minority in Poland) origin. The family lived in a small apartment in the Langfuhr district of the city.
    Günter Grass attended school in his hometown and became a reluctant Hitlerjugend. He j...

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  • It is 133 years today since Eugene O'Neill was born.

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  • It is 167 years today since Oscar Wilde was born.

    Oscar Wilde was born in a physician's family in Dublin in 1854. His mother had literary interests. Wilde later attended Trinity College, Dublin, and Magdalen College, Oxford. He proved his outstanding talent by winning a poetry competition at the age of twenty-four. As a young man he lived according to the principle that rebellion against all authority was necessary for the development of...

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Författarporträtt av Quasimodo, Salvatore

Quasimodo, Salvatore
1901 - 1968

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Författarporträtt av Paasilinna, Arto

Paasilinna, Arto
1942 - 2018

Arto Paasilinna was born in Kittilä in the Finnish part of Lapland. His father died from pulmonary tuberculosis at the age of 46. Arto was then only ... Further reading

Författarporträtt av Blok, Aleksandr

Blok, Aleksandr
1880 - 1921

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Författarporträtt av Hoch, Edward D.

Hoch, Edward D.
1930 - 2008

The American crime writer Edward D. (Dentinger) Hoch was unique in the sense that he appears to be the only American crime writer who has managed... Further reading