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  • It is 488 years today since Michel de Montaigne was born.

    Michel Eyquem de Montaigne was born in a wealthy merchant family that had lived for generations in the ancestral castle near Bordeaux, and Michel was the first to adopt the name of the property. His father placed his young son with a family of poor farmers on the estate so he could learn how to live a simple life from an early age. When he was five years old his father employed a German tutor...

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  • It is 56 years today since Jesper Stein was born.

    As a journalist, Stein was known by his full name, Jesper Stein Larsen. For his literary career, he used the shortened version Jesper Stein – a name which became firmly associated with successful detective fiction during the 2010s. His father was the nationally well-known writer and critic Finn Stein Larsen (1929–2013). Jesper Stein was born in Aarhus, Denmark, where he also grew up and went to sc...

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Författarporträtt av Sundstøl, Vidar

Sundstøl, Vidar
1963 -

Vidar Sundstøl is a Norwegian author of crime fiction. He was born and raised at Vøllestad in the municipality of Drangedal, Telemark province. He a... Further reading

Författarporträtt av Grebe, Camilla

Grebe, Camilla
1968 -

The Swedish writer, Camilla Grebe (born Eriksson), has written a series of crime novels, both herself and in collaboration with others. She was born... Further reading

Författarporträtt av Egholm, Elsebeth

Egholm, Elsebeth
1960 -

The Danish author Elsebeth Egholm was born in Nyborg and grew up in Lisbjerg. Her parents owned a garden centre and rented out rooms to students and... Further reading

Författarporträtt av Jansson, Tove

Jansson, Tove
1914 - 2001

Finland-Swedish author and visual artist. Tove Jansson was born and grew up in an artist home in Helsinki. Her home environment contributed to her... Further reading