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  • It is 130 years today since Mikhail Bulgakov was born.

    The Russian prose writer and playwright Mikhail Bulgakov was born in Kiev and grew up in a snug middle class environment – his father was a professor of theology. Shortly after obtaining his medical degree in 1916, Bulgakov registered as a volunteer for the Red Cross. He worked at a field hospital, where he mainly carried out amputations. After this, he became a district medical officer in a r...

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  • It is 51 years today since Anne Rambach was born.

    The French author Anne Rambach was born Anne Rosseau in Saint-Brieuc, Bretagne. She read literature before she joined the Act-Up Paris, an organisation dedicated to fighting AIDS. She chaired the society in 1994. Rambach has written essays and screenplays for television together with her partner Marine Rambach. Both are active within the gay rights movement and they previously ran a publishing...

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Porträttbild av Joseph Wambaugh

Wambaugh, Joseph
1937 -

Joseph Aloysius Wambaugh, Jr. is an American author and former detective sergeant. He is best known for his police procedural novels in which he... Further reading

Författarporträtt av Reeve, Arthur B.

Reeve, Arthur B.
1880 - 1936

Arthur Benjamin Reeve was a successful American journalist and author of mystery stories in the first decades of the 20th century. He was born in... Further reading

Författarporträtt av Post, Melville Davisson

Post, Melville Davisson
1869 - 1930

Melville Davisson Post was an American lawyer, politician, author and remembered as the first great American crime writer to appear after... Further reading

Författarporträtt av Narayan, R.K.

Narayan, R.K.
1906 - 2001

R.K. (Rasipuram Krishnaswamy) Narayan was one of India's greatest and most beloved authors, and his many stories about life in the city of Malgudi... Further reading