Anniversaries - February 17, 2019

It is 65 years today since Helene Tursten was born.

Helene Tursten was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is also the setting she has chosen for Detective Inspector Irene Huss. Tursten now lives in Sunne, Värmland, a location she believes would have worked less well as a setting for her detective stories. The fact that she would become a detective writer was nothing that Helene Tursten went around dreaming about. Although her Swedish teacher at upper ...

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It is 131 years today since Ronald A. Knox was born.

Monsignor Ronald Arbuthnott Knox was a well-known and much loved English Catholic priest, theologian and author of crime fiction. His theological writings are quoted to this day and his unconventional translation of the Bible is still in use. His writings gave rise to what is known as Sherlock Holmes studies and he wrote a handful much discussed crime stories and a classic crime novel as well as...

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Rice, Craig
1908 - 1957

Pseudonym of the American crime writer Georgiana Ann Randolph Craig who was born in Chicago. Her parents – her father was an artist and her mother a w... Further reading

Symons, Julian
1912 - 1994

Julian Gustave Symons was a British author and critic born in London, where he spent part of his life. His mother was English and his father a... Further reading

Chesterton, G.K.
1874 - 1936

Gilbert Keith Chesterton was a British author and critic born in Kensington, London, as the oldest son of a retired estate agent. After attending... Further reading

Gustafsson, Lars
1936 - 2016

The Swedish author Lars Gustafsson was born in Västerås where his father was a merchant. He passed his baccalaureate in 1955 and was awarded a L... Further reading